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Hydro-Seeding in Va. and northern North Carolina

Hydro-seeding is the better method for seeding lawn, pastures, golf courses, high traffic areas, roadsides, and commercial areas!

Hydro-seeding broadcasts grass seed, water, fertilizer and mulch all in one step, greatly improving your lawn's success rate! Because the mulch covers the seeds better than straw, it better protects the seeds during it's critical period of germination and the early stages of growth.

More effective than broadcasting, and here is why:


Better Customization with Hydroseeding

Hydro-seeding allows customers to tailor their seed/fertilizer/mulch ratios to meet their specific soil and conditions: Do you need a different type of grass for one pasture versus the other, depending on the livestock you are keeping? Would you like a specific type of grass in your backyard and another one in your front? Does the type of grass you want vary according to the location of your yard and pasture, your foot traffic, the amount of sunlight and rain? No problem when hydroseeding! We can easily tailor the ratios and seed type according to your needs.

Getting a Quote On Your Lawn or Pasture

Allow us to give you a quote on your seeding project. We offer grading and seeding services to contractors and homeowners both. We seed golf courses, commercial tracts, lawns, roadsides, unruly bare spots, and more!

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