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Horse Fencing Options

There are a wide variety of horse fence options on the market today. Horse owners today need peace of mind knowing their horses are safe and their fences are reliable. Most horse owners prefer a low maintenance or no maintenance horse fence that will look just as good years down the road as it does the day it was installed.

Because we own horses ourselves and have a wide array of experience in horse fence installations, we are aware of the pros and cons of many of the styles of fencing available. We are a quality fence contractor installing in North Carolina and Virginia and would be pleased to serve you. 

Safe Fence Electric Tape

4 strands white safe fence electric tape fence

An extremely easy horse fence to install, for those wanting to install fencing themselves or want a fast, economical, yet safe horse fence. Please visit our Safe Fence Electric Tape web page for more information.


Board Fence

Oak board fence installed in Lynchburg, VA

Board Fencing is a traditional fence that is still very popular in Virginia and North Carolina, although it is higher maintenance than many other styles of horse fencing. Please visit our Board Fence web page for more information.


Vinyl Fence
3 rail vinyl fence installation

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for those who want a maintenance free fence. Please visit our Vinyl Fence web page for more information.


Centaur HTP® Flexible Rail Fencing

Centaur HTP® fence installed in Meherrin, Virginia

Our most recommend style of fencing, this flexible rail fence is less expensive then rigid vinyl fencing and is designed specifically for horses. Please visit our Centaur HTP® web page for more information.


2" x 4" Non-climb Horse Wire

non-climb horse fence with Centaur HTP® on top

Nonclimb horse wire is a great option for horse owners wanting to deter wild dogs and other predators, while keeping smaller livestock in with their horses. Please visit our Non-climb Horse Wire web page for more information.


PolyPlus HTP®

PolyPlus HTP Fencing

Polymer coated high tensile wire fencing is designed by the same manufacturer of the Centaur HTP® fencing and is designed to protect horses from injury caused by bare high tensile wire. Please visit our PolyPlus HTP® web page for more information.